When Should You Change Your Car Brake Pads?

Brake pads are a vital part of your car and one that you do need to change regularly. The issue that most people have is determining when they should have their brake pads changed. There are a few signs that you need to look for that tells you it is time to do this.

Screeching And Squealing Noises from Your Brakes

One of the first signs that you need to change your brake pads will be strange noises when you brake. These noises are generally screeching or squealing noise when brakes are engaged.

These sounds are caused by the shim indicator which is located in all brake pads. The indicator is there for the sole purpose of telling you it is time to change your brake pads.

It is important to note that there are times when this noise is not caused by the shim indicator. Wet or damp conditions can cause this noise as can dust on the brake pads. If the noise does not disappear after a few times using the brakes, it is generally the shim indicator.

Less Than A Quarter Inch Of Brake Pad

A visual inspection of your brake pads will also tell you if you need to have them changed. If the brake pad has less than a quarter thick, you need to have them inspected and potentially replaced. This is something that you have to do if it has been a long time since your last brake pad inspection.

Metallic Grinding

changing brake padsAnother sign that you should change your brake pads is a deep and low noise when you engage the brakes. This can be a sign that your brakes have worn away completely. The metallic grinding is caused by the brake discs making contact with the callipers.

This metal on metal contact is a serious problem and will cause damage to the entire braking system. If you hear this noise, you need to take your car to the garage as soon as possible. Leaving this will result in a large repair cost which can easily be avoided.

An Indicator Light

There are many modern cars that have an indicator light that tells you it is time to change your brake pads. You should check your manual to see if your car has this indicator. If the light comes on you need to have the brakes changed as well as the light sensor.

There are a few signs that you can look for which tell you it is time to change your brake pads. A squealing noise when the brakes are engaged in the first, but if you hear a metallic noise the brake pads have worn completely.

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