DPF Filter Cleaning in Kettering

Don’t Ignore the Warning Signs & Drive with DPF Issues.

It can be dangerous and may end up costing you more, in the long run, to put right.

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  • Issues with your DPF
  • Warning lights on your dashboard for anti-pollution or DPF
  • Sluggish or go-slow driving performance.
  • Slow acceleration response and sub-optimal MPG

We provide professional cleaning service for DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter’s) in Kettering, to ensure your vehicle runs economically and legally after receiving a warning light on your dash.

Our innovative cleaning process removes dirt and ash residue that results in up to 90%+ of its original performance.

What is a diesel particulate filter? (DPF)

This type of filter captures exhaust soot and stores it (some people call these filters soot traps) to reduce the emissions coming from diesel vehicles. However, since the capacity of these filters is finite, the trapped soot needs to be ‘burned off’ or emptied on a regular basis for the DPF to be regenerated.

The regeneration process burns excess soot off cleanly that has been deposited inside of the filter, which helps to reduce harmful exhaust emission and prevents tell-tale black smoke that is sometimes seen coming from a diesel vehicle, especially during acceleration.

In 2009, Euro 5 exhaust emission legislation was introduced to help reduce car CO2 emissions that effectively resulted in DPFs being mandatory. Since that time, about one in two new vehicles per year have been diesel-powered ones.

How can I tell when I have a blocked diesel particulate filter?

If a fault develops within the system or the DPF starts to get clogged with soot, typically an orange light will come on your dashboard.

Usually, they will like a piped box with dots in the middle. However, they do vary slightly by manufacturer. For more information, check your handbook.

What causes blockage in a diesel particulate filter?

One of the major causes of a blocked diesel particulate filter is short trips at low speeds.

That is why auto manufacturers often recommend that short-trip city-bound drivers select a petrol vehicle instead of a diesel one (this is why diesel vehicles are somewhat rare within the city car sector).

Poor servicing is another thing that is bad for a DPF. A diesel particulate filter that is on a poorly service vehicle might fail sooner than one that is on a well-maintained car. In general, a DPF should last for 100,000 miles at least.

It is very important to also use the right kind of oil. There are some oils that have additives in them that may block a filter.

A diesel particulate filter can also be damaged by performance modifications, as well as using low-quality fool or running a car on a low fuel level frequently since a vehicle might avoid DPF regeneration in an attempt to save fuel.

How much does a diesel particulate filter cost?

These filters are really expensive. A new one from an auto manufacturer can cost £1,000 to £3,500, which can potentially wipe out any savings that are associated with driving a diesel vehicle.

As cars continue to grow older, the cost of replacing the DPF might be more than what the car is worth – and the higher mileage older vehicles the more likely to need a new DPF.

Now there are diesel particulate filter suppliers that charge less, but you do need to be careful with that. They still need to have the proper type of approval. Otherwise, they might not work properly and end up costing more money in repairs.