Clutch Replacement and Repair in Kettering

clutch fitting

At Avondale Motor Engineers Ltd we can replace the clutch or gearbox in any vehicle make and model (small commercial vehicles included).

We are the clutch replacement and repair specialists in Kettering who are able to diagnose and repair/replace all types of clutches for all vehicle makes and models no matter what the age of the vehicle. We are familiar with all later types of clutch and gearbox variations that are found in all current vehicles.

Dual mass fly wheels have now become part of the clutch to gearbox/drive train. Dual mass fly wheels are used to take away the high pitch vibration between the engine and the drive train.

Many clutch problems are caused by the dual mass fly wheel that has been worn by excessive play and they should be replaced before installing a new clutch assembly. The symptoms of the dual mass fly wheel being worn are vibration, knocking sounds and general noises when the engine is running.

Dual mass fly wheels have been in vehicles for many years but they were usually fitted in BMW, Mercedes, Audi etc. but they are now popular in all cars and vans in all makes and models from the last decade. Hopefully in the next few years, the technology will have improved with the dual mass fly wheels as they are currently unreliable.

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