Car Servicing and Repairs in Kettering

car service kettering

If you require your car servicing in Kettering we are the right team to call. At Avondale Motor Engineers Ltd we service and repair all makes and models from basic servicing to major service and repairs including commercial vehicles.

We do impress upon our customers the need to adhere to recommended service intervals and even suggest to them a minimum of a once a year service and inspection.

It is not generally realised that an engine can go ‘out of tune’ well before the recommended service is due – manufacturers tend to base their service recommendations on preventing major component wear, however, an engine may be ‘out of tune’ and be the cause of increased running costs which stand a better chance of being identified with more regular or earlier servicing.

Lack of servicing eventually contributes to major component wear which again could well be identified with earlier servicing and would cost a great deal less in the long run.

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