Cam Belts

cam belts kettering

Most vehicles today have a cam belt. A cam belt is used to drive the crank to camshaft in perfect sequence. Each vehicle manufacturer recommends a replacement interval for the cam belt e.g. mileage/years.

At Avondale Motor Engineers Ltd we can replace any cam belt on all car makes and models and small commercial vehicles.

Cam Belt Replacement

The cam belt replacement interval is one area of vehicle maintenance that should not be over looked. When a cam belt breaks it can cause damage to the engine which can be very expensive to repair, but very few engines are unharmed when the cam belt breaks.

Cam Belt Fitting

The most common reasons for cam belt failure are:

  • Engine low on oil
  • The belt incorrectly tensioned
  • Age deterioration
  • Auxiliary belt colliding with the cam belt

When the cam belt its being changed Avondale always advise the replacement of the tensioners and the guides.

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