One of the Best Independent Garages for Vehicle Repairs & Car Servicing

Delivered With Care, Speed & Straightforward Pricing.

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Why Use Avondale Motor Engineers Ltd?

Avondale Motor Engineers Ltd are a trusted, local garage in Kettering. A family business that has been doing car repairs for local families for over 20 years.

Once you have experienced our friendly, affordable and trusted service, you won't want to your vehicle to another garage.

One of the Best Car Garages in Kettering

At Avondale Motor Engineers Ltd, we do not view our day’s work as though it were simply a ‘car conveyor belt’ to be kept moving with the least amount of care and attention.

We treat each vehicle as an individual project which we hope to nurture and tend to for the next few years; as we have been able to successfully demonstrate to our medium and long term customers.

We have a broad spectrum of expertise that allows us to tackle mechanical, electrical and car repairs with care, speed and certainty. We are not a body shop but we can repair small dents and paintwork scratches professionally.

Many of our customers do not want the bother of understanding the vehicle that they drive, but they do need it to get them from ‘a’ to ‘b’ quickly and safely and in comfort, which we guarantee.

Plus by using the services of Avondale they can remain secure in the knowledge that their vehicle complies with all the relevant current legislation.

Other customers are acutely interested in every last detail of the repair that we are going to carry out, and we are only too pleased to talk them through each remedial stage, and on completion, make the replaced parts available for their inspection and peace of mind.

Meet Our Small Team

Dave Dicke, owner of Avondale Motor Engineers, an independent car garage in Kettering

Finding Our Garage

Below are driving directions on how to get to us from four different junctions on the A14.

1: From J7 (Telford Way Industrial Estate)
2: From J8 (A43/Northampton)
3: From J9 (A509/Wellingborough)
4: From J10 (A6/Burton Latimer)

We also have many positive customer reviews on Google.

Car Repairs and Vehicle Servicing

We are able to perform most types of repair work on your vehicle. We are able to offer basic to major car servicing repairs for most vehicle types. We can perform the following types of repairs and car services: welding, mechanical, body shop and electrical.

MOT Preparation

Need an MOT for your vehicle? Any vehicle that is used on the road is required to go through annual MOT testing to prove that it is roadworthy and that the vehicle's carbon dioxide emissions are acceptable. We prepare vehicles for MOT testing.

Car Engine Diagnostics

Should your vehicle have an engine fault, then Avondale Motor Engineers Ltd will be able to perform a diagnostic scan for you. This will determine what is wrong with your vehicle and how we can repair the fault.

Get Your Vehicle Back On The Road Fast, Without Being Stung!

Your car's not running or performing well. You need it fixing fast, to get to work, to do the school run or so you can respond to unexpected emergencies.

Overspending means dipping into money set aside for bills or food shopping.

As a family-owned garage, we've been looking after the vehicles of our Kettering customers for over 20 years from our small service centre workshop. We acknowledge many people fear being charged for 'phantom' or 'made-up' repair work.

One of the key reasons for staying in business so long is our honesty and transparent garage prices. Delivering dealer quality service with independent garage pricing and personable, friendly customer service.

We can cater for resprays and we can also do rebuilds as well as scratches repaired, engine diagnostics, exhausts, brakes and gearbox repairs.

We also offer comprehensive, commercial vehicle servicing.

Give Dave a call On 01536 512960 to see how we can help you.